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A frame so beautiful that you could hang it empty.

If you're buying a print from us, why not consider having it framed in one of our Signature Frames.

These frames are custom-matted and hand-made by the artist, and are especially designed to suit your print.

Close-up of our framing techniques

Our Signature Frames are professionally assembled by the artist using V-nails (to hold the frame together), and flexible points (to hold the artwork in place).

Signature Frames are triple-matted, and available in these three varieties of solid-wood:

  • oak

  • maple

  • barnwood

  • pine
    (stained to complement the artwork)

About the wood that we use:
Whenever possible, we build our frames with recovered wood. In the case of the barnwood, this is pretty obvious, but for the other forms of wood such as oak, maple, and pine, the wood that we use is usually the scrap remains from other carpentry projects (such as stair building).

About the glass that we use:
For shipping purposes, and to ensure that the glass doesn't break during transport, all of our shipped frames use acrylic glass.

The cost of the print is NOT included with the frame!

A restEddy Signature Frame
This original, custom-made barn-wood frame measures 24" by 20", and the artwork (Grandpa's Fence) is 14.5" by 10.5".

Note: These dimensions are close estimates. Actual print and frame sizes may vary.

Wood Print Size Mat Size Frame Size Price
Oak0 23"x28" 27"x32" 30"x35" $160.00
Oak1 16"x20" 20"x24" 24"x28" $125.00
Oak2 11"x14" 16"x20" 18"x22" $100.00
Oak3 8"x10" 16"x20" 18"x22" $100.00
Oak4 8"x10" 11"x14" 13"x16" $75.00
A barnwood frame
Wood Print Size Mat Size Frame Size Price
Barnwood0 23"x28" 27"x32" 30"x35" $175.00
Barnwood1 16"x20" 20"x24" 24"x28" $150.00
Barnwood2 11"x14" 16"x20" 20"x24" $125.00
Barnwood3 8"x10" 16"x20" 20"x24" $125.00
Barnwood4 8"x10" 11"x14" 15"x18" $100.00
A maple frame
Wood Print Size Mat Size Frame Size Price
Maple0 23"x28" 27"x32" 30"x35" $160.00
Maple1 16"x20" 20"x24" 24"x28" $125.00
Maple2 11"x14" 16"x20" 18"x22" $100.00
Maple3 8"x10" 16"x20" 18"x22" $100.00
Maple4 8"x10" 11"x14" 13"x16" $75.00
A Pine Frame stained black
Wood Print Size Mat Size Frame Size Price
Pine0 23"x28" 27"x32" 30"x35" $160.00
Pine1 16"x20" 20"x24" 24"x28" $125.00
Pine2 11"x14" 16"x20" 18"x22" $100.00
Pine3 8"x10" 16"x20" 18"x22" $100.00
Pine4 8"x10" 11"x14" 13"x16" $75.00
These prices DO NOT include the cost of the print or Shipping and handling fees.