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restEddy designs is an online art gallery and store that sells high quality prints and greeting cards featuring the artwork of Dwayne James.

Dwayne's preferred medium is highly-detailed watercolours (watercolors for our American friends who are using a search engine to find us), but he also enjoys working with pencil, as well as pen and ink (pointillism and cross hatching).


Fine Art Prints

This is a high quality, full-colour GICLEE print of a high quality scan of the original painting.

All prints are on textured watercolour paper to give them the look and feel of an original painting, and are inspected to ensure that the colours match the source.

Each print is titled and signed by the artist.


Greeting Cards

All of our greeting cards feature a high-quality print of one of Dwayne's original pieces on 61 lb matte-finish photo paper.

Each folded card measures 4.25" by 6", has a blank interior message area, and comes with an envelope.


About Dwayne...

Watercolour artist Dwayne James lives in Peterborough, Ontario where he paints as often as he can, that is when he's not spending time with his teen-aged daughter, young twin boys, and wife Sarah.

Dwayne Richard James, artist and writer

Dwayne studied archaeology in University, and as a result learned how to write creatively. "The most important skill I learned in University," he says, "was the ability to pretentiously write about myself in the third person."

With no formal art training, Dwayne has always preferred the self-guided, experimental approach. In fact, he taught himself how to illustrate archaeological artifacts while completing his Master's degree at Trent University. Said his thesis supervisor at the time: "There might not be much in the way of coherent theoretical content in Dwayne's thesis, but damn, it looks pretty!"

Dwayne had played with watercolours a little in his life, but it has only been in the last few years that he truly began to experiment and develop his style. An avid paddler and wilderness nut, it's natural that most of Dwayne's paintings should reflect this passion.

After spending close to a decade as a technical communicator at IBM, Dwayne opted to look at their Jan 2009 decision to downsize him as an opportunity to become a stay-at-home Dad for his young twins, and pursue his painting and creative writing whenever they allow him to do so. It is a decision that continues to make him giggle with wild abandon to this very day.

For even more information about Dwayne, including some more examples of his varied skills, visit his web portfolio,


The Twins by Dwayne James
"The Twins"
Welcome Back by Dwayne R. James
"Welcome Back..."
Icanoegraphy: The Dumoine
"Icanoegraphy: The Dumoine"
Paddling Portrait of Bill Mason
"Paddling Portrait of Bill Mason"
Blue Sky Clock Tower
"Blue-Sky Clock Tower"
Peterborough Clock Tower
"Peterborough Clock Tower"
Roses Entwined
"Roses Entwined"
Water Violet
"Water Violet"
Swinging Violet
"Swinging Violet"
Windows and Ivy
"Windows and Ivy"
"Lighthouse at Night"
Jody's Woodland by Dwayne James
"Jody's Woodland"
Canadian Dew by Dwayne R. James
"Canadian Dew"
Shadow Spider by Dwayne James
"Shadow Spider "
The Appleton Schoolhouse
"The Appleton Schoolhouse"
Tickle Bird
"Tickle Bird"
Snowy Wagon by Dwayne James
"Snowy Wagon"
The James Homestead
"The James Homestead"
Thenken Reverie
"Thenken Reverie"
Oceans of Grass
"Oceans of Grass"
Grandpa's Fence
"Grandpa's Fence"
Helen on the Rocks of the Dumoine
"Helen on the Rocks of the Dumoine"
The Peterborough Lift Locks
"Early Morning Liftlocks"
Snow Warriors
"Snow Warriors"
"Kirk Wipper Paddles into Peterborough"
"Fowler Paddling on the Sweetwater River"
Voyageur Bow Designs
"Voyageur Canoe Bow Designs"
Frog on a lilypad
"Frog on a Lilypad"