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©2006, 9" by 5", Watercolour

This painting is a rarity for me—it was created on-site, and not later from photographs.

I painted it in September of 2006 when I was enjoying a mid-Autumn whitewater canoe trip down the Dumoine River with some friends (the same trip that produced Helen on the Rocks). We were ahead of schedule, and reached a particularly picturesque camp site around noon one day, and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the site. After setting up camp, I went for a walk by the water, and was struck by this scene.

In the middle of the rapids, splitting the considerable current, was a large rock with an immense crack down its middle. Sprouting from this crack was a tiny maple tree, its leaves full of Autumn glory.

I was immediately drawn to its isolated location: it was alone on a rock in the middle of a turbulent river, separated from its peers on the shore, yet still going through the motions of the seasons just the same. It really got me thinking about the ability of nature to exist firmly in the present moment, with no consideration for what the future held. This tiny tree had no idea that, in a few short months, this relative haven would be a maelstrom of Spring run-off, at which time this entire island would be completely submerged with fast moving water.

This tree had determination! This tree wanted to survive! It seemed to know instinctively that life was a work in progress, and that you just had to try, no matter what your chances for success were.

Trees. They're a metaphor for pretty much anything aren't they?

So, I decided that I simply had to spend my afternoon painting it while my friends played in the rapids. I opted to leave part of it as unfinished pencil as a symbolic representation of the lesson this tiny tree had taught me that Autumn day.




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