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Canadian Dew
©2013, 21.5" by 14.25", Watercolour

This painting, of a maple leaf covered in droplets of dew, is based on a picture that I took of a leaf that was directly outside of the door of a busy daycare.

The timing couldn't have been better. Not only had I spotted the leaf before it got trampled by the foot traffic in and out of the door, but I saw it at just as I was finishing up another painting, and was beginning to look for a subject for my next one.

It might interest you to know that the background cobble stones are based on a photograph I took of a wall tile in a fast food restaurant in Vaughn Ontario where there is a wall covered in 12 inch square tiles with small, smooth stones embedded in clear plastic.

When I saw the wall, I immediately thought it would make an ideal background for a painting, yet it would be another month before I found the ideal subject to put in front of it.

Canadian Dew by Dwayne R. James
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