Wall Mural Designs

Dwayne James, M.A.

Murals on this page:


Forest mural, 2006
I A few years ago I was asked by a friend to paint a mural for her nephew who really liked the outdoors. He had three favourite animals: wolves, deers, and eagles. So I designed this mural to take up an entire wall of his room. I tried to make it look like the door to the room came out through a very large tree.


Christmas mural, December 2003
I created this fake fireplace because I needed a place to hang my stockings. It is watercolours on regular bristol board.


Wall Mural at the Olde Stone Brewing Company, Peterborough
This mural depicts some of the most famous landmarks of the Peterborough area.   It was created by painting in the major colour areas first, and then filling in the details by cross-hatching with technical pens.

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