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Hard-cover book graphic, November 2011o
Consider this as an official entry on my "virtual vision board". Last summer, I finally finished my book "Princess Etheria and the Battling Bucks", and as of November, 2011, am still working on some of the illustrations. I designed this graphic of what the book would look like in hard-cover format to be used in an on-line ad that I designed (you can see it here).

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Princess Etheria Hardcover book graphic


School Play Poster, February 2011o
I designed this poster for my wife who is helping out with her school's production of Leanna Brodie's Schoolhouse. Since the play takes play in an old country one-room schoolhouse, I decided to make the poster look like an old blackboard tablet that would have been in use at the time. I took some pictures of the wood of an old oak school desk that I rescued from the curb last year, and used it to create the tablet's frame, and then I grabbed an image of a smudged and scratched up old blackboard to put inside it. Then I worked with a chalkboard font, and created a line drawing of an old schoolhouse and added a bunch of noise to it to make it look like chalk lines. Some shadow effects, and a little bit of bevel and emboss effect, and it looks like a real tablet.

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School Play Poster


Canoe Decals, November 2010o
I started offering a variety of Canoe Decals through restEddy designs. To market these decals, I created a separate area of my web Site, and created a logo (shown below). A few of these designs are original and use images from my paintings. Most are inspired by original Voyageur designs used on HBC freight canoes during the fur trade.

Click any of the designs to see a larger version of it.

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Canoe Decals logo















T-Shirt Designs, December 2010o
Since my daughter really likes Disney's Phineas and Ferb cartoon (as do I of course), I decided to give her a couple of custom designed T-shirts for Christmas. I based these two graphics on artwork from the the show, and modified them according to what I wanted them to be doing.


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Perry the Platypus



Photo-Mosaics, December 2009o
I created both of these photo-mosaics manually in Adobe InDesign. They are both based on hundreds of individual photographs arranged to show a secondary image.

I created the fist photo-mosaic below for the Canoe Museum to be used in the Thank You cards that they gave to their volunteers. The images are all volunteers at the museum, and the secondary image is the pictograph that is the logo of the Canoe Museum. The second photo-mosaic is a snowflake made up of images of my family. I used it on the cover of the Christmas cards that we sent out in 2009.

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Canoe Museum Volunteer photo-mosaic

James Family photo-mosaic



Canoe Decals, June 2000
I designed these decals to adhere to the side of my canoes and make it look like the paint had been scraped away to reveal cedar planks and graphic below. The wood is an actual scan of several strips of cedar, and the rest (including the brass tacks) was created using CorelDRAW.

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16 foot fiberglass

canoe_side.jpg (31993 bytes)

canoe.jpg (10108 bytes)

canoe_side2.jpg (31096 bytes)

canoe2.jpg (7592 bytes)

10.5 foot cedar strip


Compass, July 2000o
I created this graphic of a compass using CorelDRAW. I had originally designed it as part of a logo, but that didn't work out. Since then I've used it in manuals, presentations and anything else where the user needs a little direction. Get it? Direction?

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Navigation Bars
A couple of navigation bars that I created using CorelDraw for some web sites that I designed. The scroll is a scan of a yellowed newspaper that I manipulated into that shape and then shaded to achieve the curled effect. The note-pad is a scan of lined paper that I added the spiral effect to.

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scroll.jpg (14748 bytes)          

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