Animation Dwayne James, M.A.

Here are some animated videos that I created using Adobe Flash.  
  Animated Online Ads
November, 2011
Here are two animated advertizements that I created using Adobe Flash for use in two different Google AdWords campaigns.

I designed this ad to promote my book "Princess Etheria and the Battling Bucks".

I created the graphic of the book using InDesign using an illustration that I painted specially for the story.

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I created this ad to promote my online art gallery and store

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  Building a canoe the BEAR MOUNTAIN way
March 2011

This animation is an instructional video on how to build a woodstrip epoxy canoe. I created it using Adobe Flash for Bear Mountain Boats in Peterborough in March of 2011.

When you click the image, you will be taken to my Youtube page.

Bear Mountain Boat


  IBM internal video contest entries
In early 2007, IBM introduced a contest that was open to all of its employees worldwide. The idea was simple, employees could submit a short video on a specific theme, and the entries would be made available for everyone to rate. Prizes would be awarded for the top-rated videos.

The response from the employees was, quite simply, incredible. There were more than 500 entries, and a lot of positive buzz throughout the company throughout the ratings period. Naturally, they decided to run the contest again in early 2008, and the response was just as wide-spread.

Below, you will find my contributions for each year's theme. Instead of creating a video with human actors, I decided to use the contest as an opportunity to develop my animation skills in Macromedia Flash. To watch a movie, click on its thumbnails to launch the Windows Media Player.

Energy and the Environment
March 2008

The second video contest was all about the Environment. The company wanted us to tell a story about how we were going green, either personally or through a company project. I chose to speak about the problems of commuting to work, and one possible solution (no, it's not unemployment).

My daughter Violet got a chance to help out with this video by providing the voice of my co-worker Ruth. Where it took me several takes to get my own voice work just right, she nailed hers in the very first try each time!

Third place winner in 2008!!!

Innovation that Matters
February 2007

The theme of the first video contest was Innovation.

In my entry, I wanted to take a classic puzzle that everyone was familiar with (the Sword in the Stone), and show an innovative solution to it. I wanted a cute and cuddly animal to do the work, and figured that, in the animal kingdom, there was no animal more innovative than the raccoon.


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